Basement & Laundry Renovation

This client reached out to Concierge Home Solutions with an idea to relocate her washer and dryer into a bedroom and make a “closet” for them. During our initial meeting, we discussed the pros and cons of the bedroom conversion to understand what our client really needed. Her existing laundry was in a dark, outdated basement with steep stairs. With expeirience transforming basements, the Concierge Home Solutions team recommended a plan to refresh her existing basement for a better value and more lasting impact on the home. Our team worked together to clean and waterproof the project area and installed new lighting and a more user friendly staircase. Utilizing the original-to-the-house cement laundry sink, Concierge expertly cleaned and refurbished the basin and added new plumbing and fixtures. The client completed the project with a new washer and dryer which we handled from purchase through delivery and installation. She is very pleased with her “new” basement and now enjoys a pleasant space for laundry, hand washing and storage without losing any living space on the main floor.