Comprehensive Home Transformation

This stunning home in the historic Fan District had not had any significant renovation for more than 40 years. The owners turned to Concierge Home Solutions to perform a complete renovation from the roof to the basement, from the front curb to the back alley, and everything in between. Starting with a design and planning stage, Concierge Home Solutions worked closely with the owners to secure zoning and permit approval, including a successful variance for an addition that had been added in the 1970’s. The renovation included significant updates to the incoming utility lines and systems as well as all new HVAC, plumbing and wiring. More than 65 subcontractors, specialty craftsmen and City departments were involved in this project. Concierge Home Solutions served as the central point of contact and provided all general construction services on behalf of the client. 

A trusted partner throughout the project, Concierge Home Solutions served as both the contractor and the client’s project design manager from planning through every step to completion. Understanding the client’s vision for the project, Tricia and the Concierge Home Solutions approached each project decision from the owner’s point of view.