Basement Refresh

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This project involved determining the appropriate scope of work that would offer the client the best return on dollars spent.  The top range of possible options included a complete remodel that would involve the creation of a new full bathroom, custom laundry cabinets, relocation of wiring and plumbing to accommodate sheet-rocking of all walls and ceilings, a new mechanical room and major relocation of HVAC duct work.

Working with the client we determined her true needs for the space which were a consolidated laundry area and clean, bright space for storage, as by it’s original 1905 design, this was built as a storage-only basement.  In researching scope options, it was decided that the value of a complete remodel with full bath, walls, ceilings and mechanical room would not provide a suitable return on the investment.

The challenge now was to bring in the right team of cost-effective craftsmen appropriate for the new, reduced project scope but maintaining quality and a defined timeline. A previous remodel had eliminated the exterior basement exit which provided a challenge to get all debris to be removed, materials and appliances through the house to outside.

In the “before” photos, there are several sets of old cabinets, old appliances, crawl space debris and miscellaneous basement items that needed to be removed prior to plumbing, electrical and painting.

In the “after” photos, you see the new, relocated full size washer and dryer along side new cabinets and folding area, a newly added laundry sink and the removal of a partition wall allowing in additional light from an existing window. Crumbling drywall was replaced, resulting in a fresh clean look  and feel. Existing storage shelves were painted as well as cabinetry in closet. Not as visible in the photos but enhancing the basement, all walls were painted and waterproofed, the floor was coated and  electrical updates included new lighting and outlets.

Re-scoping this project provided the client with a fresh, light-filled laundry area and more storage space on a budget that ensures a return on the investment.