Preparation for Leasing

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Concierge Home Solutions worked with a Realtor to help their client get this home ready to rent quickly. The Realtor helped a couple buy a home and they wanted to rent it out for a couple of years until they relocate from out of town. Our team was asked to prepare the house for rental use, while taking great care to make any repairs or improvements that were requested by the owners.

We scraped, sanded, painted and cleaned windows while replacing any broken panes. Next our team replaced the rusted trap on the bathroom sink, restrung bedroom blinds to avoid having to purchase new ones and secured the kitchen window hardware. Finally, for safety, Concierge Home Solutions added a much-needed handrail to the basement stairs and secured the iron railing at the front stairs.

While the project was on-going, a repair crew from the City made a mistake while repairing the water main at the street, leaving the house with no running water. Concierge Home Solutions’ project manager stepped in and had the problem diagnosed and fixed within two days. A new waterline to the house was required, and our team obtained the necessary permits to get the work completed quickly and help the homeowner get reimbursed from the City for causing the problem.

From start to finish, this project took just 5 days. We were proud to have helped out so much and our Realtor client was happy to report back to the homeowners that all was taken care of and they were ready to take on a tenant.