Move-in Renovation

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Our clients purchased this home in the fall of 2012, ahead of their relocation from Florida to Richmond’s Fan District. The first floor of the home required some renovations and improvements to be ready for the new owners’ planned move in the early spring of 2013. Concierge Home Solutions accepted the challenge to complete the first phase of renovations quickly and cost effectively to help smooth the client’s transition.

Our team addressed the basic issues of lighting, water intrusion and modernizing upgrades to create a comfortable living, turn-key ready living space. We added wiring for several new light fixtures, replaced all of the electrical outlets and covers; added dimmers to all new and existing wall switches and replaced all switch plates. We also refreshed all trim, walls and ceilings to eliminate imperfections.

The powder room was reconfigured and plumbed, all new fixtures added, floor was leveled, sanded and stained. New, contemporary style crown moulding was designed and installed, as well as other wood trim needed to finish out an exposed brick wall. A walk thru closet was reconfigured/rebuilt into a cloak closet with lighting, hanging space and an alcove for a desk. All new hardware was installed on the front door.

The first floor walls and wood trim were painted and the two-story brick wall was coated with a water based sealant which both brightened the bricks and kept the wall from ‘shedding’. Most importantly for future maintenance, our team discovered the source of water entry into the living room wall from the outside window sill and made appropriate repairs and restoration.

The homeowners were thrilled with the result when they got to Richmond, as they had seen only a few photos sent to them during construction. This was the Phase 1 renovation and we look forward to working with them on Phase 2 and 3 in the near future.